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Express Entry is an online application system for overseas and

in-Canada skilled workers to show their desire to immigrate to Canada,

and then submit their application for Permanent Residency if they are

invited to apply. The first step is to evaluate the skilled worker against

the immigration rules and get a ranking score, which is the purpose of

the Express Entry Calculator.

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If the potential immigrant is deemed eligible for one of the three programs included in Express Entry then

they are able to create an online profile and submit it to IRCC, showing their desire to immigrate. The

candidates are entered into a pool where they are compared against other candidates. IRCC regularly

makes draws from the pool at a ranking score of their choice. Any candidate at or above the ranking

score is invited to apply for permanent residency.


The invited person or family now complete their online application and submits it to IRCC for an

evaluation. If successful, the applicant and their family will be approved to immigrate to Canada.

Express Entry includes three programs.

Which one are you?

The FSW program is for workers that have skilled

work in their home country,

or outside of Canada. A

high level of education and English or French is

typically required.

The CEC program is for workers that have skilled

work experience in Canada. This work experience

typically follows being a temporary worker or international student.

The FST program is

for workers that have experience in skilled trades such as plumbing, electrical, cooking, etc. Typically a provincial trade license is required to be eligible.

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service provided is not a substitute for the

advice of a licensed immigration consultant.

All efforts are made to keep the information

provided current but IRCC regulations,

policies, and procedures are subject to

change at any time without notice.

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